English Editing

Academic English editors in your field will review the language in your manuscript, abstract, thesis, grant, or academic book to ensure that your ideas are communicated clearly and accurately.

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Best-in-class English language editing for technical and academic writing

We edit your scientific manuscript to be publication-ready.

Whether you are submitting a 300-word abstract or a 30,000-word grant application, our editing team specializes in language polishing and will carefully correct any errors in grammar, punctuation, consistency, spelling, and word choice.

Our editing team is made up of editors with advanced degrees.

Your paper will be matched by subject area to a US-trained editor with an advanced degree, ensuring the correct use of field-specific terminology in clear and accurate English.

We take pride in our world-class editing.

After our work is completed, the language in your paper will be of publication quality. We stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will support you throughout the publication process with unparalleled customer service.

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Save time and gain confidence with AJE's powerful machine learning technology

AJE Digital Editing was built for researchers. It is a fast and flexible editing tool you can use for all your academic writing. The AI that powers AJE Digital has been trained on millions of edits by PhD-level editors from more than 447 areas of study and over 2000 field-specific topics. Unlike our competitors, who train their AI only on papers that have already been edited, we train our AI on both the original and edited files—allowing us to make up to 3 times more changes with over 95% accuracy.

Get fast, reliable edits to your academic writing at an affordable price

Corrects grammatical errors and improves phrasing and word choice to ensure your manuscript is judged for the quality of the research, not the quality of the language

Annual Plan

AJE Digital Editing


$105 / year
30% limited-time discount

  • Unlimited access for one year
  • Best in class AI-driven technology built for academic research
  • Makes at least three times more edits than competitor tools and is more than 95% accurate

Presubmission Review

Improve your likelihood of getting published by having our team help get your manuscript ready for peer review with our Presubmission Review service. Delivered by a trained expert in your field and exclusive to AJE, Presubmission Review goes beyond language editing to address:

  • Presentation of the main focus and critical findings of the study
  • Clarity in the logic and presentation of information in each section of your manuscript
  • Inclusion of information critical for peer review
  • Necessary levels of detail of information presented

Presubmission Review can be added to your Premium language editing order for $199 and is available for articles and grant applications in Clinical Medicine, Life Sciences, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences as well as limited areas of Physics, Engineering, and Materials Science. (file types accepted: .doc, .docx, .ppt, .xls, .xlsx)


I am a faithful client of AJE from 2009, and I was never disappointed once for the service receive. From the moment I started to use AJE all my scientific papers have been accepted: luck! perhaps, but also good english helps.
Andrea Camperio Ciani, Italy
My editor was fantastic. Since I am an international student, I needed help with wordiness, verb use and awkward sentences. Without changing my idea, the editor suggested correction and indicated where revision was necessary. He also offered better use of words suitable to academic papers. Very recommended.
Mirit E., University of California Los Angeles

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The AJE Guarantee

The completed manuscript you receive from AJE’s editing services is covered by our editing guarantee. We guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the editing of your manuscript or if a journal mentions English language errors, we will re-edit your document for free.

For Standard and Advanced Editing, material added to your paper after our editors work on your manuscript is not included in this guarantee. For this reason, we recommend that you send us your final draft when you order our services. If you need to add content or make substantial changes after receiving comments from the journal editor or reviewers, you may resubmit your paper for a discounted re-edit.

Our Premium Editing service provides more robust editing support designed for customers seeking a greater degree of assistance with their manuscript. We will continue to re-edit your document for free until it has been published.

If a journal mentions English as a problem in a manuscript that we edited, we want to know. Please contact us with the file that you sent to the journal and all the comments from the journal. We will reply with a solution within 1 business day.

If you are unsatisfied with our editing, we will work with you until you are satisfied. Please provide one or two specific examples or a few details about what is unsatisfactory.

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Our Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are your editors?

Our editors have or are currently completing a Masters, PhD, MD, or nursing degree from one of the top research universities in the U.S. They are native English speakers with extensive research, publishing, and/or teaching experience in their field and must meet rigorous selection standards based on the quality of their writing.

What is the AJE Editing Certificate?

AJE will provide a certificate confirming that your paper was edited by AJE. Assuming that any changes we proposed are incorporated into the manuscript, the certificate guarantees that the English quality of your manuscript is appropriate for peer review. If your paper does not earn a certificate after one round of editing, we will be happy to work with you to improve the language until the paper qualifies for a certificate.

What is an AJE Research Communication Partner?

Research Communication Partners (RCPs) are experts in their field who have a thorough knowledge of the publication process. They are well versed in all of AJE’s services and can help you understand which services will best fit your needs. If you have questions, concerns, or special requests, your RCP will provide personalized support, listen to your concerns, and help you until your paper is successfully published. All of our RCPs have previous experience as AJE editors or quality control editors, so if you have any questions about the changes your editor made, your RCP can provide explanations. In addition, if you purchase Premium Editing, you will receive personalized access to an RCP who will contact you to introduce themselves and listen to any concerns or questions you might have about our services, the editing process or the publication process. 

Do you edit LaTeX documents?

AJE now supports direct editing of LaTeX files in all areas of study.

To submit a manuscript for editing directly in LaTeX:

  1. Submit your work for editing.
  2. Upload your LaTeX file in the document upload section of the process.
  3. Upload any related dependency files that we would need to compile your LaTeX file (e.g., figures, .sty, .cls, .bib, .pdf etc.) as reference files.

Please note: Only manuscripts written in English are eligible for direct editing in LaTeX. Changes will not be tracked within the edited LaTeX files themselves. If possible, we will generate a compiled PDF of the file showing the changes that have been made to your document. If you wish to see your changes tracked within the same document, please convert your file to another format. To do this, save your file as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file before submitting it for editing. In this case, we also ask that you include a PDF of your manuscript that can be used as a reference.

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