Research Promotion

Research Promotion products help you communicate your research quickly and easily by providing a snapshot of the key findings from your study. If you’ve ever struggled to summarize your results or if you simply want to communicate your research to a broader audience, our Research Promotion products can help.

Research Promotion Services

provided by our colleagues at Research Square

You’ve worked hard to conduct your experiments, write up your findings, and you may have already published your research. How can you ensure your work gets the attention it deserves? If you’re looking to communicate your research beyond your lab and colleagues, we can help.

Communicating your research clearly and accurately has never been more important. Our Research Promotion products are custom created to provide a snapshot of the key findings from your latest study.

Video Services

Our goal is to produce an accurate synopsis of your article that is accessible to anyone - from colleagues and potential collaborators, to funders and members of the public who are interested in your research.

Video Bytes

1-min. overview of your research and how it impacts society

  • Images, footage, and music
  • For a lay audience Video posted on Research Square, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and tagged with keywords, a short title, description, and article link
  • .mp4 format
  • You maintain the copyright

Delivery in 10 business days


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Video Abstracts

2-3 min. animation explaining methods, findings, and the contribution of your research to the field for a scientifically literate audience

  • Professional script writing and voiceover
  • Custom animation, images, and footage
  • Music (upon request)
  • Video posted on Research Square and social media and tagged with keywords, a short title, description, and article link
  • A detailed brief with tips and resources to help you maximize the reach of your video
  • A slidedeck of stills for use in presentations or posters .mp4 format
  • You maintain the copyright

Delivery in 4-5 weeks

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What is a video abstract?

Custom Videos

Looking for something different? Our expert team is ready to help you with your custom project. Examples include:

  • Animated gif
  • Promotional video *Video for a course

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Custom Infographic

Showcase your research by calling out the most important points in a visual way. A multimedia support partner will work with you to discuss style preferences and goals.

  • Custom created by our professional illustrators
  • Full color
  • Formatted for easy sharing on social media

Delivery in 14 days


Research Recaps

A visual snapshot of the background, methodology, and key findings from your study

  • Custom built template for optimal readability
  • Formatted for easy sharing on social media

Delivery in 5 days


Research Highlights

A written summary of your work to make sharing easier

  • Brief summary capturing the essence of your research
  • Written by a professional scientific script writer
  • Displayed on your Research Square preprint*

Delivery in 7 days


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