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Testimonials from Italy

A. Camperio Ciani

I am a faithful client of AJE from 2009, and I was never disappointed once for the service receive. From the moment I started to use AJE all my scientific papers have been accepted: luck! perhaps, but also a good english helps.

D. Naviglio

It is the second time that I turn to AJE for correction of my scientific papers in the last three years. This morning I received the email from editor of Journal of Food Engineering with the results of peer review process; the paper was accepted "as it is". It is the first time in all my career (about twenty years) that a paper was accepted without revisions and I think that 50% of merit was of AJE for the excelent premium editing process. Thank you very much.

A. Proverbio

I have found AJE service absolutely perfect for my needs, both bacause their service is excellent in providing the better American/English style and the best grammatical constructions, and, because you can have a paper completely checked and revised in less than 48 hours, which is literally a DREAM for the fast moving brain of a scientist!!

A. Mazzaracchio

You provide an excellent service. Professional, courteous and affordable. Quick turnaround much appreciated!

R. Faranda

I have been using AJE for my last 4 manuscripts since June 2006. Before to explain my opinion I have waited that two of them was accepted for publication in IEEE journals. This service is very important for corrections and comments that cleared and improved the understanding of the manuscript. I highly recommend this service. Thanks a lot Mr. Roberto Faranda.

F. Visini

Your professionalism and attitude in research field make your AJE service important in helping researchers giving significant improvement in the language respect to non- scientist mother-tongue. I recommend AJE service to all my colleague. Thank you!


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