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Testimonials from Malaysia

C. Tan

Although the site promised to complete the work after 5 working days, I received the completed work the next day. There were detailed comments as to what needed to be included or ammended, which is very helpful. The formatting was done as per target journal requirements. Good and professional service!

A. Ab. Ghani

The final has received final acceptance as it is after English usage checking by AJE. I greatly appreciates the service provided by AJE. It's very fast and an excellent service.


Extraordinary, fast and efficient services!

L. Afsah-Hejri

I have been using AJE editing service since 2011 and I am very satisfied with their service. AJE provided professional, fast and reliable editing for my research papers. I really appreciate their efforts and highly recommend AJE's editing service.

M. Md Deros

Only three words for AJE services: PROFESIONAL, HELPFUL AND EXCELENT.

R. Noordin

I am very pleased with the edits done on my mnauscript by AJE. I now feel much more confident that my manuscript will have higher chance of being accepted for publication. I will recommend AJE to my colleaugues. R. Noordin, Malaysia


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