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Testimonials from Poland

R. Zieminska

It was nice experience to co-operate with AJE. My paper was published in "The European Legacy". I am very grateful for you professional service, Renata Zieminska

A. Berbeć

Dear Editors My heartfelt thanks to your Staff for the work you have done. Not only were the corrections accurate and left my meaning intact but your feedback was surprisingly prompt, actually overnight, well before the agreed dateline. Thank you once again.

B. Nawrot

Dear AJE, Thanks for such a great job! I was not convinced that it is worthy to do an additional editing after some corrections done here by my colleagues. But now I see that our English is far from the basic level!!!! Thanks, Barbara Nawrot

M. Brzezicki

The first time I decided to send the paper, I received the paper very carefully proofread, but in a few places I had doubts, whether my thoughts were properly understood. I turned for further clarification. With surprise, I got the possibility of personal contact with the proofreader and in the two rounds, all my doubts were explained and cleared. Do not hesitate to ask additional questions, proofreaders are really helpful and strive to ensure that your thoughts are expressed clearly as possible. With the second paper that was a bit too short, I submitted an abstract for the third paper, that fit within the word count limit (3500-6000). The abstract was proofread as well. After this I decided, that AJE will proofread my third and all subsequent papers written in English. I strongly recommend AJE.

M. Polanski

Dear AJE, When I submitted my first paper to be corrected by your company I was a little bit worried. I wasn't sure if people introducing changes in my document will do it in specified time and with good quality. Now I'm sure that I will never send any manuscript to any Journal without sending it to AJE first! I received my paper almost half of the day before deadline and introducing your changes was really easy! Great experience with AJE! Thank you guys and hope that we will have long and fruitful cooperation! Thank you for everything

P. Banaszuk

I would like to inform you that the manuscript you've edited has just been accepted for publication in the Ecological Engineering. Thank you very much for your amazing job. I will send more manuscripts to you in the future.


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