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Testimonials from Turkey

M. Ates

I have used the AJE servise, and my article was accepted due to its improved of the text. Thank you AJE service. Murat Ates

S. Coskun

This is the first time for me to use American Journal Experts (AJE) to edit my manuscript. It is a highly recommended editing service. This service was very impressive to me. Thanks AJE for the good works. I will strongly recommend your service to my colleague.

m. durak

I am very pleased with the service of AJE. I submit my article to a journal hopefully.

e. senol durak

AJE help to me for editing to reduce use of unnecessary words, add articles where necessary, include transition phrasing as needed, use appropriate verb tense and fix errors in verb agreement, and include words which appear to be completely missing. I'm very pleased with the service. My article was accepted in the journal.

Y. Saatci

This is my first time to use AJE. I would like to thank AJE for help us to edit our paper. Because of our Comments on our paper point out in the paper have some English grammar and typos in the paper. Thank you for your useful helps. I appreciate very much.

R. Samet

I used editing service of AJE. It was very useful and helpful for my manuscript. I highly recommend it for everybody. Dr. Refik Samet Ankara, Turkey


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